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What is the O2 London?

A large entertainment complex that houses several shopping outlets, restaurants, bars, and activities, the O2 London is a must-visit destination in  London city. The dome structure of the O2 was built in 2000 by Richard Roger and includes the first American-style platform in London. Read to know more about the O2 London and the exciting things that you can do here.

Where is O2 Located?

Address: Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX, United Kingdom

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O2 Opening Hours

Daily 10 AM - 10 PM

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History of the O2 London In a Minute

  • The O2 Entertainment Avenue was earlier constructed as the Millennium Dome, in a dome-shaped structure, to house the Millennium Exhibition - an important exhibition for welcoming the third millennium. 
  • Due to political controversy and insufficient visitors, the exhibition ran only from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2000 before succumbing to financial problems
  • In December 2001, Meridian Delta was given a 999-year lease by the government to develop the Dome as a sports and entertainment center.
  • Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) was given a sub-lease of the Dome for 58 years to develop and operate The O2 during the duration of the lease.
  • The naming rights of the venue were sold to O2 plc under the investment program. So, the project was officially called ‘The O2’ from May 25, 2005 and the name sponsorship was further extended in 2017 for ten years.
  • The construction of new buildings inside the Dome structure begun and light modifications to the Dome were made in the form of blue lights to the support poles and plasma displays to the large sculptures being added.
  • Later, the arena roof was constructed which was followed by the construction of the main arena building and the entertainment avenue surrounding it.
  • The North Greenwich station and the O2 were joined by a wide pathway with a glass roof and the Peninsula Piazza Square was built in front of the O2 for conducting special events.
  • The venue was rebranded to the O2 and reopened to the public on June 24, 2007 with a Bon Jovi concert held at the O2 Arena.

Explore the O2 London

The O2 London - About Page

The O2 Arena

The O2 Arena is quite famous as it is the first American-style multi-purpose stadium in London that can hold 20,000 people. It is also the second-largest stadium in the UK and the busiest music arenas in the world. Several events have been held here and the arena has been designed in such a way that everyone gets a good view of the event. 

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The O2 London - About Page

Indigo at the O2

With a capacity of 2,750 people, Indigo at the O2 is a venue for live music  and smaller club events. There are four bars, a VIP area, and a stage at this club venue. You can get the best seats to the events at the King’s Row which is better than the VIP area as well.

The O2 London - About Page

Up at The O2

Up at The O2, opened in 2012, is an expedition across the O2’s roof that can be completed with a 90-minute walk. Enjoy the stunning 360-degree views of the London city from the summit including the Olympic Park, Greenwich, Canary Wharf, and Thames Barrier.

The O2 London - About Page

Icon Outlet

 Enjoy an amazing shopping experience at Icon Outlet in the O2 where you will find over 60 superstar brands to explore. Moreover, most of these brands offer a 70% discount to the customers and you can get a free parking facility for 4 hours on spending £35 on shopping.

The O2 London - About Page

Bars and Restaurants

At O2 London, you will find a wide range of amazing bars and restaurants to choose from. You can enjoy drinks at the bar, eat a fancy meal, or hang out with your friends for pizzas or burgers after enjoying the activities at the O2.

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The O2 London - About Page


London’s biggest cinema, Cineworld offers visitors different ways to watch a movie. Choose 4DX for experiencing extreme cinema, VIP to enjoy the intimate watching experience, 270-degree ScreenX experience, or watch the movie on the Superscreen at the O2.

The O2 London - About Page

Tikky Town

Tikky Town at the O2 is the perfect place for content creators to create content for Instagram and TikTok. Roam around the unique sets such as prison room, Lamborghini, etc. for 60 minutes, create content, and then move to the next set.

The O2 London - About Page

Selfie Factory

If you wish to improve your Instagram game, then pay a visit to the Selfie Factory which is an interactive pop-up experience. You can access photo-friendly rooms and walls here such as The 2D Room, The Safe Room, The Flower Cove, Donut Wall, and so on.

The O2 London - About Page

TACO Social

Opening on July 29, TACO Social is the world’s first social entertainment location where guests can enjoy interactive football-related games. Eat flavorsome food, drink delicious cocktails, and enjoy interactive football games in a personal booth with your family and friends.

The O2 London - About Page

Hollywood Bowl

Boasting 12 state-of-the-art bowling lanes that include three VIP lanes, Hollywood Bowl is the perfect attraction for families and friends at the O2. There is a Hollywood Diner serving the American classics, a spacious bar to order your favorite drinks, and several arcade games, and a wide range of entertainment options to keep you entertained here.

The O2 London - About Page

Oxygen Freejumping

Oxygen Freejumping is a trampoline park at the O2 where you have different zones suited for different visitors. There are two floors of trampoline courses including a dodgeball court, professional trampolines, Ninja Warrior obstacle course, and more to enjoy here.

The O2 London - About Page

London in the Sky

From July 1, 2021, visitors can enjoy amazing food and drinks with a stunning view of London’s skyline while being suspended from a height of 100 feet in the sky. There are specially designed menus and experiences, several exciting events, loads of surprises, and unique menus to enjoy here.

The O2 London - About Page

O2 Shop

O2 shop is the hub for new technology where visitors can learn about the gadgets and the best deals on them. You can also get tips on how to use your smartphone smartly including information on the best apps to download, how to take portraits, and so on.

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The O2 London - About Page

Sky Studios

Join the interactive set of Sky Studios to fulfill your dream of reading out the latest Sky Sports or Sky News headlines. Get it recorded to show it to your friends and family later on.

The O2 London - About Page


InmotionVR is a 12-station VR entertainment zone that offers several VR experiences including the Undersea Explorer and Thrill Coaster VR cinema pods with amazing visual FX, 360 HD sound, and immersive motion.

The O2 London - About Page

Mamma Mia! The Party

Based on the popular Swedish show, Mamma Mia! The Party is a themed attraction that was opened at the O2 in 2019. The show tells the story of the taverna owner Nikos and his wife Kate and also includes a full three-course meal.

All Your Questions Answered About the O2 London

Q. What is the O2 London?

A. The O2 London is a huge entertainment complex that houses an indoor arena, a Cineworld cinema, a music club, restaurants, bars, pubs, and other entertainment options.

Q. What was there before the O2 London?

A. Before the O2 London, the dome-shaped structure was the Millennium Dome, a.k.a the Dome. It housed the Millennium Experience - a huge exhibition that celebrated the start of the third millennium.

Q. Who built the O2 London?

A. Richard Rogers built the canopy of the O2 London while Populous redeveloped the interiors of this entertainment complex.

Q. Is the O2 London open to visitors now?

A. Yes, the O2 London is open to visitors with Covid-19 guidelines in place for the safety of the public.

Q. What are the different things to do at O2 London?

A. There are lots of things to do at the O2 London apart from attending a music concert or an exciting event. Enjoy activities at Up at The O2, InmotionVR, Cineworld, Sky Studios, Oxygen Freejumping, Hollywood Bowl, TOCA Social, Tikky Town, and more You will also find several shopping outlets and eating options at the O2.

Q. How big is the O2 London?

A. The O2 London is 52m tall and has a diameter of 365m. It houses an indoor arena, several restaurants, bars, and entertainment options. The O2 Arena can hold 20,000 people at a time.

Q. How much time do you need to explore the O2 London?

A. Depending on the activities that you take part in at the O2 London, it can take you anywhere between 2 hours to a day to explore everything that this entertainment complex has to offer you.

Q. What is unique about the O2 London?

A. The O2 London is home to an indoor arena that is the first American-style, multi-purpose arena to be built in London, UK. It also happens to be the second-largest arena in the UK and is the most popular music venue in the entire world.

Q. Is the O2 London an outdoor or indoor experience?

A. The O2 London is a dome-style building that offers both indoor and outdoor experiences to the guests. There is an indoor arena known as The O2 Arena and several entertainment options including Cineworld, Hollywood Bowl, InmotionVR, restaurants, bars, and so on. There is also Up at the O2 for outdoor climbing experience and London in the Sky for outdoor dining experience available at the venue.

Q. What are the best things to do at the O2 London?

A. The O2 London houses the best events and entertainment options for visitors. You must try the climb with Up at The O2, enjoy a VR experience at InmotionVR, watch cinema at the Cineworld, and enjoy a unique dining experience with London in the Sky at the O2.

Q. What are the different activities that kids can do at the O2 London?

A. There are lots of fun activities for kids at the O2 London such as Up at The O2, Selfie Factory, Tikky Town, Cineworld, Hollywood Bowl, Oxygen Freejumping, and InmotionVR.

Q. What are the different activities adults can do at the O2 London?

A. For adults, the O2 London offers several fun activity options such as InmotionVR, Up at The O2, Oxygen Freejumping, London in the Sky, Hollywood Bowl, Cineworld, Icon Outlet, and so on.